Monday, July 1, 2013

Taiwan Bees are here!

Hej Shrimples!

Aren't you glad you checked on in today? Beacuse I am not going to disappoint!

Got some beautiful new shrimps! Have scoured far and wide to bring them to you. (Not really. Haha just drove around.)

Spent a good hour and a half acclimatizing them with the breeder box - Slow and steady dripping and I let the breeder box overflow do its job...

Spotted a few of the adventurous shrimps clinging on to the grill eager to get into their new home. - Maybe next time I will take the grill out and let them use the overflow as a water slide to go into the tank straight LOL. Will record that next time.

To those who are keen on picking up the shrimp hobby, I cannot over emphasize the importance of acclimatizing the shrimps to new waters.
My analogy would be it is akin to humans in a plane without pressurized cabins and air thermostat regulators. - We would not be able to compensate for the variances in altitude changes and the thinning air, no to mention the drop in temperature.
So for the shrimps it would be nice if we take care of them and give them sometime to get adjusted to the new waters they will be placed in.
Ways to acclimatize shrimps and getting them out of a bag is simple and everyone has their own way of doing this.
I will show my way when in a separate post later this week so do keep a look out of it if you are interested in how I do mine.

Wine Red Hino exploring its new surroundings

The Jayden Smith Look 
(Perpetually caught between stunned and worried look)

Bad ass looking King Kong 

The lot scavenging for food 

Algae on wall growing fast.

Blue Panda with a nice catch of light showing blue cheeks.
 (Maybe some would say not black enough, but I love it)

Wine Red has an itchy back. *Scratch Scratch 

Another look at my Mr. Go!

My best friends favorite. Shadow Pandas!

Small Fella

Alright hope this lot brings me many many offsprings!
Will update tomorrow on my plans to make that possibility a reality.

Till then thank you for viewing.

Your Fellow Shrimple Folk out!

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