Saturday, June 29, 2013

18/19 I cannot remember.

 Hi All,

As you can tell from the title, I sort of lost count and can't be fussed on the exact number of days.
What I am certain is that Thursdays will be my Water Change day. - Which was what I did Thursday night after my run.

Took some water for water test in the morning. Nitrate has been removed some what and is now a lighter shade of orange.

0 ppm Ammonia FTW.

And to my pleasant surprise. These look like they will be mine hahaha!
Although I might just get better quality ones myself.

Mr Not so Blue BB Caught Stunned.

His compatriot on the Montmotillonite Rocks

Yeap they are very much enjoying the tank from what I can tell.

Nice Blue Bolts that I hope to eventually own.

High Grade Blue Bolts - courtesy of AlvinChan80

With the glass panels on my tank looking like the lights are turned on a little too much, I dug out my algae scrapper so when I get fed up and need to take away some algae for pics I will have it at hand.

On a separate note a friend told me he would be getting some Tibees and shared with me  a pic on the pair he would be getting.
Boy are they cool looking! Hope he succeeds in breeding lots of them and I would likely buy a pair myself from him then.

Skunk Pintos - courtesy of AlvinChan80

Alright thats all from me now. Got to go watch a movie with the GF. 
Take care and have a good weekend ahead. Lates!


  1. Like your blog! continued success!



    1. Hi Tobi! Thank you for the support and the share you made on your site too.

  2. you're welcome! if you have a nice banner....;-)

    1. Haha ok I will make one end this week and share with you! danke!

    2. Hi Tobi!

      Here you go. This is a .gif if you can't use it, you can use the normal .png one.