Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tolerable Thursdays

Bare with Thursdays.
Although they are not exactly terrific they are only a day away from Friday.
So good Thursday to all! Here are some pics of the little friends to hopefully light up your Thursday and bring you one closer for you to say TGIF.

 Blue Bolt Mama out for Food

 Single Stripe King Kong

My favourite elusive little Blue Bolt is out for a walk again and I spared no space in the SD card snapping away vehemently lol.

Here are the 2 nicest shots I got.

Blue Bolt codenamed 'Denim' Tracking the food 

 Viola! Bon Appetit.

Another great shot of the one and only 'Hamburglar'

Have a good day. Cheerios shrimple folk.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shrimple Sundays

Good Sunday All,

A few more pictures from Shrimple Town!

Red Ant looking Ruby Red Shrimp making it's way to the food.

Nom Nom Nom

Wine Red Hinomaru 
(Sorry about the algae at the hard to reach area)


Here is a unique piece given by a friend.

Flower Head Mosura Blue Bolt 

Good day y'all!

Shrimple Folk Andy Out!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shrimply Stunning Shots

My best friend who also happens to be a professional Videographer came over earlier for a photo shoot and I was blown away by the quality of pictures that we got at the end of it.

As usual I used some LOWKEYS food that the shrimps seem to love so much as bait.

Shrimply Stunning. Enjoy.

Will share more pics tomorrow.

Till then remember your water change! And be nice to shrimps.

Andy Out.