Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shrimple Sundays

Hi All,

Sundays are great. Never mind the following day that brings some blues, I still love Sundays. 
It is a day where I get to watch my shrimps almost the whole day. Lol do not tell the girlfriend that.

Anyways less talk more pics. Here are some great pictures I managed to catch while sitting infront of the tank.
Photo of the day. Wine Red scavenging on Frogbit Roots. 

New Inhabitant. Bluey the Blue Bolt.

Bluey mixing in with the King Kongs

Female Win Red Hanging around the Rataj

Wine Red Hinomaru Spotted!

One of my favorites a broken stripe Panda. Nicknamed Hamburglar.

Another shot of the Female Wine Red on Rataj

Small King Kong

King Kong on '09 霸王

Nice shot of the elusive Wine Red Hinomaru '09 霸王

Thank you for viewing!


  1. Hi there. First of all, you have a great collection of solid shrimps. Wish I can have it too but too bad im still very new in shrimp keeping. Will not go that far yet. Anyway, I see that you house all the shrimps in one tank so my question is wont they crossbreed? And what kind of offsprings will they be if they crossbreed. Correct me if im wrong.

  2. Hi there Nurdin!
    Everybody starts somewhere so do not be entirely too worried about where you are on shrimp keeping, in fact to be honest I am quite a big noob myself too. - Only had a tiny Nano Tank before venturing into this 2ft tank.
    It is always the journey that gives us memories when we look at the final product. Do feel free to contact me should you have any queries on your shrimp tank and I would be glad to help to the best of my knowledge.

    On the topic of cross-breeding the family I am keeping is the Caridina cantonensis var. under Taiwan Bees or Shadow Bees so not much of a cross breeding there more refinement in my case to get nicer shrimps.

    Here is a table by famous German shrimp breeder Imke on Shrimp Cross Breeding -

    And a well illustrated Family Tree on Caridina cantonensis var. Cross breeding and the possible offsprings. -

    Hope this brings you new joy in shrimps!

  3. Thanks for the link AP :) So Taiwan bees are those beautiful shrimps. now i just know. As for me im still having random deaths in my tank for my crs. Keep having problem of high GH. Cant seem to lower it even after using distilled water for water changes and top ups. Sigh..

  4. NP! Yeap taiwan bees are beautiful in their coloration - Often solid hues.
    On your GH can I understand your set up a little more? And how high is your GH now?
    Usually high GH is when you have too high amount of dissolved salts which are mainly composed of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)in your water.

    What you can try is to do a slightly higher amount of Water Change with your Distilled water. - Run a check before this to find out the TDS in your distilled water.
    I recommend at 20% WC every 5-7 days with the distlled water. - Make sure to top up on the Beneficial Bacteria, Fulvic and Humic content on each WC (see my other post for what I do on Water Changes)

    Include You may also want to include some Montmorillonite rocks in the tank / filter sytem to absorb the heavy metals in your water.

    Try the rocks and water change regime first and see how this works for you.

    If it still does not work then you probably have to do something more drastic like using a soft water resin. Let me know and I will re-think the solution for you.

  5. Basically im on a 1.5ft 23L tank. As of now I cant upgrade to any bigger tank due to space constraint. BTO flat will be ready only somewhere early next yr. Heheh.. anyway, my tank is just a shrimp tank only with christmas and java moss and a piece of minerock. Running chiller(bought 2 weeks ago) and cannister filter. Yeah I know its overkill for my setup but im doing the best that I could to prevent anymore deaths. Currently GH is 9 after about 3 water change (20%) in a period of 1 week. Previously is 12. I do not have a tds meter so I have no idea what is the tds of my distilled water. Fyi im using alpheus distilled water with mosura mineral plus added. The reason why im not doing more than 20% water change is because I understand that the differences in water parameters may greatly affect on the crs. And yes for every water change, i adopt the drip method. As we speak, I hav not seen anymore death for about 3 days. Anyway where can I get montmorillonite rock as u recommended me? Westsider here :)

  6. I see! Grats on the BTO Then you can make nicer shrimp homes haha.
    Good to have a chiller and canister filter those are things you can bring over to your new bigger tanks and great to see you are spending a little more to ensure your CRS are kept in good water parameters. Many people including myself being culpable at the start do not see that its better to spend a little more on the tank and set up so as to safe on having to spend on replenishing shrimp population.
    Good shrimp set up and parameters will reward you with healthy breeding shrimps no two ways about it.
    You GH is indeed a tad high may want to see if you can successfully bring that down. I suggest you go get a cheap 2nd hand TDS meter because GH is directly linked to TDS and am guessing your TDS could be around 220-240 (Shrimps Juveniles usually grow up best in the range of 120~180 for TDS and GH of 4-6).
    Got mine for $25 off AQ.
    You are very right on too high a water change affecting your Water Parameters too high so try to stay within 15% to 20% WC Regime.
    For Montmorillonite you can try this site -
    Not sure if their life if not you can go to their facebook.

    Here's to wishing you 0 casualties from here on!

  7. Yeah man..! Definitely i will monitor closely on my water parameters. Thanks for the advice and links. Appreciate it. Wishing you all the best to get those shrimps berried :)

  8. No worries! All the best in your Shrimp keeping adventures too!