Friday, July 5, 2013

2nd Wave

Hi Fellow Shrimples!

Hope this post finds you well.

As suggested by the title there is a 2nd wave of inhabitants this week. 
This will be the last mass migration for the Shadow Colony, now all that is left for them to do is what Mr Spock would deliver in his salute - Live Long and Prosper (Well in this case Procreate!)

Here are some pictures of them spending sometime getting adjusted to the new world.
And a short video of them being acclimatized to the new water parameters.

Area 51 - Quarantine and Adjustment  Breeder Boxes

Wine Reds - 11 Immigrants

Blue Bolts - 06 Immigrants

Drip Drip Drip.

I did an acclimatization period of 6 hours on this batch for them to be better localized to the new world. - Culture shocks can be nasty.

Water Change

I had to change my water change plans because of their arrival and did in only on Friday night.
Ran some water test this morning.

 Nitrate (NO3) - 10 ppm

Ammonia (NH3 / NH4+) - 0 ppm

GH - 5
KH -1
TDS - 158
PH - 5.3

Pictures of them in the new environment.

Thank you for your time!
Take care and have a great weekend ahead wherever you are at.


  1. nice blog..!!...been reading for sometime ;)

    may i ask how much $ increased for electrical bills after u setup the chiller?...been considering getting one for awhile...

    Is it hot btw?

  2. Hey Tommy appreciate you kind support.

    On the electrical bills, it really depends on the chiller you are running.
    I got a Resun CL 280. About $15 more per month thereabouts.

    What size tank are you intending to run the set up on?

    As to whether it is hot, yes if you stand at the back of it it does exude a little heat but in a space of a big room it will be air cooled. So not much concern there.


    1. oh

      Im currently still on a nano tank only....if i get chiller definitely will be for 2ft tank or bigger i guess.... ;)

    2. Hey Tommy yeap it would be a better idea for you to get a Chiller and Canister when you have a bigger tank.
      A 2ft tank is certainly a good start. That's what I got! :) Water parameters are more stable with bigger tanks and easier to maintain as compared to nano tanks where we have to do distilled water top up for evaporation.

    3. btw u mentioned distilled water...wat brand are u using?...

      Will distilled water affect ph?

    4. Hi Tommy, I am using First Choice Distilled water from Cold Storage or FairPrice Pure Drinking water from NTUC.

      They will not really affect your pH much for top-ups or 10-15% WC.

      I needed to do this for my Nano was because rate of evaporation was too high and if I used tap water my TDS would be raised to a crazy amount.

  3. Nice setup and shrimps :)

    May I know how the breeding box works(still not so sure how it can acclimate the water)? I am thinking to get one from ebay.... Thanks.

    1. Hi There sorry can't be more personalized cause you show up as anonymous.
      On how the breeder box is used to acclimatize shrimps to new waters.

      The general idea is for the shrimps to get adjusted or used to the new water parameters.
      With a breeder box it makes this procedure alot easier;-
      Basically you cut open the breathable bags that your shrimps are in - do this inside the breeder box.
      Then you can start the slow 1 drip per 1/2 secs for water from your tank to mix in with the water from the bags.
      You can then leave the breeder box with the slow dripping overnight as the overflow from breeder box will go back into the main tank.
      After many hours later you can pour the shrimps into the main tank, what I practice is just soak the breeder box into the tank.

      Hope this clarifies your doubts. Feel free to ask if you still have questions.