Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Blues

Hi Shrimp Lovers!

Here is Monday update from Shrimple Town. Today we mourn for the loss of one of  the beautiful occupants. - One of the lined King Kongs passed on.
Was taking pictures when I noticed a shrimp hanging on the frogbits had an orange head, on inspection I noticed it was not moving so used a net to disturb it only to have it floating peacefully into the net.

RIP my little one. I guess you went peacefully swinging on those 'trees'

If you are curious like me as to why the head turned orange what I got from checking with a friend is that it already started to mold and rot.

Other than that the rest are looking good!

Finally managed to catch hold of this little guy my gf calls Denim.

Full Denim Colored Blue Bolt

Tell me if am wrong but this fella looks deformed. Probably from too much in breeding.

Big Blue 

Tossed in a piece of LOWKEYS food and as usual there was a manic charge when it started flaking.

LOWKEYS! Nom Nom Nom

Ok for all of you who are probably very observant and noticed the fade out on the colors for my pictures, that because my iPhone 4 finally gave up on me - well the camera function at least. 
So now as what my girl friend reminded me - Beggars can't be choosers so I am using her old Samsung Note to capture this crappy faded images.
Till my contract expires! I need a new iPhone! 

That is all good night and take care folks.

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