Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shrimp Hatchery Net

Hi All was asked this question on a Singapore forum (Aquatic Quotient) and thought it would be beneficial to the community so am going to share it here on my blog.

The Shrimp Hatchery nets purpose is to provide an area of moving water for the shrimp eggs - Typically dead shrimp. - If you happen to find on of your berried females dead, it is not the end for the eggs yet, there is always hope!

For most Shrimp keepers the net is placed under or at the side of fast moving water to simulate the fanning of the mothers pleopods (Swimming legs) as if the eggs were still hanging under her. 

The main challenge we would possibly face in our tanks is either one of the pest in the tank or even other shrimps feeding on the eggs and carcass.

And for that the net would not be a good enough defense. 

With a high flow rate from above the net or at the sides you can potentially minimize this to only a certain degree.

Having read Ryan Woods Insights this would be mostly likely the technique I would employ should one of my shrimps pass on still berried. - 

I have this Satellite breeding box

Utilizing it I stuck my hatchery net right underneath the inlet. Water from my main tank will continuously flow through the net and eggs, providing the fresh water with Oxygen to the eggs. Pest and other shrimp attacks would hopefully be minimized 
*Look out for crazy planarias, who am sure would go through painstaking efforts to get to the eggs. That has to be monitored.

So if a dead berried mama is spotted, I would put her and the eggs in the hatchery net in the satellite box and put a bunch of moss into the satellite box and hope for the best.

Only challenge I foresee in this is that it will not rectify the issue of the ammonia caused by a decaying/rotting mama but I have faith some doses of my BN7 would fix that for me, and that the ammonia from it would not have that big of an effect in the total ppm of ammonia in the tank. - Should that happen the bigger problem probably lies elsewhere than 1 dead shrimp.

Shrimp Hatchery Net - From RS Aquarium

My Shrimp Hatchery

Hope I never have to use it, but come a day when I have to... 
At least I have this!

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