Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 14

Hi All,

Sorry I have gone MIA for a couple of days.
Been swarmed with work and had to work throughout the weekend for a project.

Speaking of a new project I made a tiny tank for my girlfriend with a few plants I previously tied and set aside. If you can spot there is actually a CBS cull inside test the waters - The sacrificial shrimp :p .

If anyone has any ideas on how I can keep this tank sustainable since evaporation would be very high please share it with me. Would likely be going to get a glass or acrylic top cover but most likely have to get some hardier shrimps to keep in this tank. Opae Ula maybe?

Ok back to the main event.

I did a water change on Day 10 and here are some pictures to just show the drop in Nitrate.

Right: Aged Water - Left: Tank Water

Managed to bring down the Nitrate to 10 ppm. (Sorry forgot to take the picture will show one when I do it tomorrow.)

I am quite concerned with water change and in preparation I added FM100 a natural fulvic mineral supplement to the aged water and did a 10% water change.
Thereafter I added 2g of water improvement bacteria (SMB) and 10ml of natural enzyme which improves beneficial bacteria activity into the tank itself.

Some pictures of the happy shrimps munching on the Lowkeys food I dropped in.

Spotted this little guy nesting in a hatchery net. This guys get everywhere.

Oh also I got myself a new plant!
Remember I posted sometime back on my Day 4?
I made an order for one! And my own Echinodorus spIguaza from Argentina ('09) is here with a friend!

Post more on this beautiful plant tomorrow.
Till then good night and sleep tight! Don't let the seed shrimps bite.


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