Wednesday, June 26, 2013

'09 霸王

Plants Plants Plants!

On Monday I posted on a special plant that I managed to get a hook up for.
Am delighted to share with you some pictures of it!

Echinodorus sp Iguaza from Argentina ('09) - Unlike the Satan and Terminator variants, the Iguaza or my more favored name for it - 霸王 (Overlord in Chinese), this awesome looking plant spots an unusually stout and short stems with well rounded leaves that gets rounder as the plant grows.

Love how the plant looks in the tank and I hope over time the leaves will rise upwards toward the lights.
Enjoy the pics!

'09 霸王

While taking pictures of the plants I noticed this shrimp walking under to seek shelter from the glaring light.

And here is a new resident to the tank!

Mr. Not so Blue Blue Bolt! - It was a test shrimp from a friend who wanted to see how a Taiwan Bee would take to my water which is less than 3 weeks old. Well he told me if it survives it is mine so cycling deities please don't take them away from me!

Meet the other of the Blues that was culled for this purpose. Lol sad shrimp but am confident that they will be good.

The New Layout of the tank!

Some of my older and smaller Echinodorus and the love they get from the shrimps.

Also I did some water test.

GH - 5, KH - 1 

 Ammonia NH3 / NH4+ - 0.0 ppm

Nitrate NO3 - 10- 15ppm

Prepped age water for Water Change tomorrow!
Good night my fellow Shrimpletons. :D

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