Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 6

Hey All,

Busy day at work again today and had to attend a colleagues wedding dinner.

For all those that we waiting for today's update. It is always better late than never right?

Yesterday I spoke about giving some parameters so here is the recording I just did.

 TDS - 153 ppm


 Ammonia NH3 / NH4+ I would say it is around 0.1 ppm

Nitrate NO3 seem to have gone up a little. About 15ppm. 

KH -1, GH - 4

Shrimps looks like they are doing very well. Fed them some Lowkeys food.

It's mine. It's mine. 

 Mosura Crown

Whatcha looking at.

Made some additions and adjustments to the tank. Purchased a new light that I mentioned yesterday and added a sponge filter. Really wanted the better sponge filters from Japan but couldn't find it so had to settle for the XY China copy first (on the bright side, it is black).

Nights all. Adios.

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