Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 5

Howdy Ho Folks,

Yesterday I spoke briefly about my plants shopping. So today I spent the whole morning tying the plants to the Drift Wood and the Montmorillonite rocks, but before we get to that I took the pH of the tank earlier and it is now currently at -

Think this is a really good pH for my shrimp housing.

Ok back to the plants I spend an arduous 2 hours tying a pathetic few plants and Mini Pelia to the DW, guess am not that good with plants tying yet, also I should have just used black thread. 
Fishing lines are much tougher to tie.

Anyways I am really happy with how it looked in the end.
If not I honestly cbf'ed about re-tying. Oops haha.

After the placement of the DW, Montmorillonite Rocks , I planted the 2 Echinodorus which are deep rooted plants into the soil.

Frontal Shot of the Centerpiece

I dosed the the tank with 1.5mg of SMB, 20ml of B-Source, 20ml of FM100, 1g of BN7 and 1g of MN5.
Then waited for another hour or so for the slight turbidity to clear and...
I introduced some Hinomaru and Mosura CRS into the tank!

Hahaha Hope they do not give up on life and go be with the proverbial cycling god.

Here are some nice pictures of them.

I think my Double Tube T5HO lights are way too bright, and am not very bright for not just sticking to my 1.5 Feet LEDs. Ended up I went out to buy another 2 feet LED. Will post more on that tomorrow.

And granted if the shimpies are still grazing / swimming / frolicking about I would post more pics of them along with some water para tests too.

Mucho gracias for checking out my blog once again. Post soon!

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