Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 4

Salutations my fellow Shrimple,

Si. The shrimps have not been sacrificed to the cycling gods as of yet. They seem totally unperturbed that this tank is only 4 days old. Super rad.

Another quick post today. Itchy hands went out to get a Odyssea T5HO Double Tube Light for the tank and it was serious overkill.

Think for this 2 guinea pigs it was like a halogen searchlight shone up on them. only took 5 seconds for the SS grade cull to squeeze itself under the rock. Will see if this is something I need to make adjustments to when the plants and driftwood go in.

Airstone to promote aerobic bacteria growth

 Flash Bang Incoming!

So with the lights problem I now had to look for some nice plants to tie on a driftwood as shade for the shrimps.

I went on a little gathering of plants and spent quite some time staring so long and asking so many questions that the guy probably thought - "Omg this guy is probably asking a lot of questions and not getting any."

Well in my defense I never thought plants could be so expensive.

This range of plants called Bucephalandras are mainly wild harvested from Indonesia and due to over harvesting are being stretched close to disappearing from the wild entirely. Include that they are considerable slow growers you should be expecting to pay somewhere around USD$15 - $150 for 1 stalk of them (Yes 1 stalk! Not a branch of 3 - That is bloody 3 stalks)

Anubias White above is sold at USD$100 up per Stalk

So not to waste someone's time I made a purchase of 

4 Bucephalandras
  • Artemis
  • Brownie Ghost
  • Baby Green Skeleton king
  • Lamandau Purple
If you remember am a sucker for gimmicks and what not and after staring for very long because they were more or less the same to me I went with the ones with the coolest names. Nice!

2 Echinodorus
  • Rataj
  • Verde
Echinodorus are beautiful leafy green plants and I my budget had allowed I would have gotten some of the bigger ones like this.

Echinodorus spIguaza from Argentina ('09) - SGD$150 up / Stalk

Maybe sometime later when I am setting my next tank I would get them.

I paid about SGD100+ for my plants and I will tie them tomorrow on my Drift Wood and the Montmorillonite stones. Post more pictures then!

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