Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 09

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well and good! 
It has not been so well in the now not so sunny island of Singapore.
We have been smoked like mosquitoes with the dense haze that defiles our once fresh air, no thank you to the selfish and environmentally unconscious people in our neighboring region.

You need to stop whatever you are doing now and start taking ownership of this situation.

Good riddance to you when the wind changes.

If you stare hard enough you will see the Singapore Art Science Museum

Back to the tank.
In so far the little once look to be doing rather well. (Wish I had gills no really. Que aquaman jokes am still good being Him or Namor at this point.)

Alright that is all for now. Stay healthy peeps.

Those in Sg, stay and work from home if you can.
Not that I need excuses to be home shrimp gazing but this is good lol.

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