Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi All,

Now with every thing in Shrimple Town being stable, I started to discover that the most beautiful thing in shrimp keeping was never the final product.

The process that took me here will eventually gain dividends (in this case berries!) and when it comes it will definitely bring much joy.

However the most fun I had was definitely working out and establishing the art and science of making the perfect environment for the shrimps.
Temperature, Ammonia, Nitrate, pH, KH, GH and TDS not to mention getting the right plants - frogbits vs mini salvinias has all been part of a great learning session for me and a steep learning curve from my early days on the nano tank.

Now that is said I think in the end it is justification for me to set up another new tank!
Haha. Am still considering on what is next as I may not have as much time as I would like to do the weekly maintenance stuff  with too many tanks to clean. Will work that out while I am on re-service next week.

Some pics of the blues.

Female Blue Bolt has been growing up well and fast

Mosura Flower Head Blue Bolt

The Blues feeding on some of their favourite LOWKEYS

Denim showed up at the dinner table and the rest scampered off - Like a boss!

Alright TGIF fellow Shrimples.
This is your friendly neighbourhood shrimple signing off.

AP out.


  1. i find that without using feeding tray,the food always drop inside the gravel, wasting alot of the food.

  2. Hi Tommy, I agree with you on that. I actually have a feeding tray but I haven't bothered to make use of it yet because I tend to feed granule sized food.
    May put it into the tank if I start feeding more of the LOWKEYS food that they seem to like so much.