Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tag zwei (Means Day 2 in German I think)

Everyday is a shrimple day shrimple day shrimple day!
Lol all the long hours of work is making me a tad cranky.

Ok back to why you even bother reading this blog. If you have not been following 2 days has past since I started up my 2ft Shrimp Tank project.
(Please please read the rest of my blog? I beckon you to if you have not! :) )

Today we look at me doing 2 things. The taking of necessary measurements and the important task of water change.

1st up my favorite part - Results.

Nitrate - 10ppm
Not a bad result considering there are no floating plants whatsoever.

 PH Dropped Further from 6.2 - 5.9 (24 hour interval) looks like it will probably come to an eventual pH of 5.6~5.7 if I am not wrong.

I finally turned on my chiller so the temp is a nice 26.0. I held out on turning it on earlier as I think bacteria will thrive better in slightly warmer waters.

Ok with measurements out of the way the itchy hands got to work and I did my water change, before doing it I repeated the important step of releasing the potentially harmful trapped air bubbles from the soil layer as I showed yesterday.

Purpose of today's water change was to bring down the nitrate level, while 10 ppm is nothing deadly (Threshold for Shrimp keeping is 25ppm as I understand.) I decided to go through with it as previously advised when I brought my products.

Oh remember to turn off your filters and chillers. (As witnessed in the picture I realised it only mid way through)
Would be good if you have double taps for your canister filter.

 Kept only around 10% - 15% of my water. I used my soil height on the amount of water I wanted to keep. level of water to match soil height level or slightly more.

Due to my little blunder I made on my set up day I topped up a little more powder soil on the top to make the top layer look better.
If you are left out on why I had to do this you did not do as advised! Haha please read Dia Uno / Day 1.
Basically this was done to cover up the bigger granules of normal soil.

According to the descriptions given I added 
  • 1.5 g of SMB a water improvement bacteria
  • Introduced aeration to the tank via air pump and air stone (Thing caused bursting bubbles and water everywhere annoying as hell)
  • 60 ml of B-Source which is a compound of natural enzyme that improves beneficial bacteria activity.
  • 12 presses (12ml) of FM100 - Natural Fulvic mineral supplement.
  • 1g of BN7 & MN5

That is all! Adieu.

I have a surprise in the morning that I have been itching to do will post then.
To those who are in the know.

Commandos are awaiting deployment.

Till tomorrow!

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