Friday, June 14, 2013

Operation Test Water (Day 2.5)

Hi Guys I thought I was damn smart with the tongue in cheek quote lol, that did not lasted very long unfortunately.
Showed it to my colleague and I explained how it was funny - She just rolled her eyes. Oh well not everyone has a funny bone. 

Ok so am pretty sure many of you already could have guessed what I am up to.
But remember (quoting WWE here) - 'This is entertainment but the hazards are real. Please do not try this at home.
Unless you do not mind sleeping shrimps with big X's on their eyes.

That being said... It is a fresh drop of 2 well trained Commando Shrimps into unknown waters early this morning!

I know its a little early to be introducing life stock so and as much as I value lives, in the name of science and being a jackass I decided to see how they would do.

The water actually cleared up when I released them in the tank but I added these.

Mineral rock that says it also absorb heavy metal in water, caused the water to turn a little cloudy but I think that would clear by the time I get home.

Alright thank god for dropbox that has made this post possible.

Andy out! Laters.

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