Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 0.5

About 12-14 hours has passed since the initiation of the tank.
I woke up bright and early today to a beautiful sight.

Seems like the tank has cleared up quite significantly.

To my delight the water clarity is beyond what I had expected!
No unsightly bacteria blooms that I had to deal with when I started on my Nano Tank.
So this is definitely a welcome sight.

I dosed 1g of MN5 and will continue to dose it as advised in the instructions 1g every 2 days for 8days.

Hope it turns from clear to crystal clear when I get home tonight.

Side View Clarity

Oh in case you are wondering whats hanging off my Rain Bar its 6 Frogbits to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. How effective this is am not a 100% sure so if some one can shed some light here it would be great!

Also there is sort of a tea bag like thing attached to the rain bar, that is my POWER HOUSE Micro House I do not own the kit or container for it as I only got a box from someone from the forums.

To read more on what it does. Please checkout the link for GC Shop here.

Considering this could be an overkill I might take it out soon, so you do not really need it. 
But I don't think there can be such a thing as too much good bacteria after all they tend to die off so instead of having it unused in it went.

While typing this post I realised I made  a mistake.

In all my eagerness to make things look good I added a powdered layer of RAC soil as my top layer.

Will share more on why its a mistake when am back from work later.

Till next post! Take care and happy Shrimping people.

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